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Wow, so November happened to me and happened in so many ways.

I got a job. A pretty good one. Not fabulously paid but better everything. Unfortunately, I still spent November in a state of borderline poverty. And that was when I had to:

1) buy new battery for scooter
2) buy new tyre for scooter
3) replace scooter oil
4) live on nothing.

My usual route of extra cash dried up as the kid was busy with school stuff and the other kid was drowning in homework so I had to swallow my pride and ask for help.

And wow - people are amazing. I made it through the month, got paid. Paid 50% f my back owed rent plus a full month so I won't be homeless and got money put aside for a new laptop as this one can't go unplugged and randomly shuts down due to power issues.

So essentially, November has been a rollercoaster. Emotionally most of all.

Highlights include going to the St Andrews Bangkok Society Ball (big deal) where a guy who is the MD of a HUGE PR firm asked for my resume. I sent it. He responded that he wanted it for when something comes along - so...not bated breath, but budding daydreams.

My kids are awesome. My class is full of these amazing personalities and I've had to figure out five different ways to explain ones and tens to a certain little girl - making me realise I have no business teaching first grade maths.

My sister surprised me with a last minute visit this past weekend which was awesome, but i'm still recovering.

The next 23 days are going to be like living in a Marvel movie - full fucking tilt. and then I shall head to Koh Samet for xmas on the beach. If only to catch my breath.

thats it. I need to take a long, deep breath.

I don't know when I'll post again, possibly in the next month.

Y'all have a brilliant holiday season and I hope Santa spoils you rotten.


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