Dec. 11th, 2015 03:38 pm
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so xmas is upon us...not that you'd know that from where i'm living. Xmas isn't really a thing to the buddists of thailand.

Thing is, I love xmas. i love the romance, the possibility, the cold weather, which in all honesty i've only had two of in my life. Is it the cold weather that makes xmas all it is?

I guess when you spend xmas on a beach, little else matters in life.

So, here's my xmas list:

Dear Santa,

All I want for xmas is y two front teeth...

Not really...
All I want for xmas is someone.

Thats all.

Someone to give a shit about me. Family excluded, of course. and friends.

Can I have someone for my own. Someone who thinks I'm amazing? someone to surprise me on xmas day with hot sex and a good brekkie?

i imagine a farm, one day, when i'm older. Its huge and the vines and hops are chilling and I have a big house and a huge tree and we're all hanging out. I'll be cooking all weekend, because I love it. Boozey cocktails and listening to my alternative xmas songs all the time.
I want my four kids and their kids running around. Everyone laughing.

But how do you start that? Find that right person...

Who is that right person??? If you're out there, please, please find me.
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