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Saturday night saw me at the local gay club partying it up with my group of boys. I have a lot of gay friends, hence that particular venue.

Anyway - I took my mom's fiance's daughter with as she'd never been and wanted to check it out.

Her eyes were the size of saucers the whole night. Not at the boy on boy action (Thank you Don and Matt) but at the drag queens. Thing is, they looked good. Like really awesomely cute.

So while she stood off to the side marvelling at the fact that we were all dancing ignoring the 7ft tall (excluding hair) drags, a pair of hands wrapped around my waist. Thinking it was Don, I kept grinding and grooving until my hands reached back and all I felt was a puffy skirt.

Yep - that drag queen wanted my ass.

To be fair, and modest, I looked hot. See, I usually head out wearing Vans, jeans and a t-shirt with a cocky slogan on. But that night, I decided to jazz myself up. So I wore a red mini dress, fishnets and cute littel dancing shoes. No wonder I was so popular.

Took the little one home at about 1am. The next morning, eyeliner still smudged around our eyes, throats raw from the cigarette smoke, and feeling slightly sensitive, she turns to me, a huge smile on her face and asks -
"When are we going again?"

I smiled - that's my future little sister!

So this weekend? We're hitting the Rockford Tour and Doors. Hardcore all the way!


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