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I hate her. I really do. This twenty year old pain in my arse is a pain that just keeps giving.

I start my new job on Friday, and have been chilling at home watching TV, surfing the web and keeping warm (It's fucking cold at the moment) My sleeping pattern has all but gone to the dogs - I've been crashing around 11pm, only to wake up at 4am then go back to sleep until 9am. So i'm getting my beauty sleep. The trick is to not wake me up unless the world is ending. Fuckface forgets her keys at home when she buggered off on Saturday morning coompletely ignoring my request for her to do the dishes she made after cooking up a threee course meal (macroni and sauce) at 3am in her drunken state. she said she'd do it. then she claimed she was too hungover. then she promptly buggered off. Leaving me to do them (we don't own a dishwasher). I didn't mind, but it was the principal of the matter.

So now, this morning at ass o'clock, she comes home. I was sleeping and didn't hear the gate intercom. my mom calls me and asks me to open the gate. I say no, thinking I'mm still dreaming. Then I hear it.. the constant ringing of the obnoxiously happy ringtone. I go outside, bitch her out, cos now I've woken up in a foul mood and am ready to murder, and then open the gate.

In the meantime, she has my mom on the phone complaining that I won't open for her. Next time, take your fucking keys, idiot.

Also, the fucking bitch spends all weekend and most of the week living at her friend's house. Why can't she just move there permanently? I've raised this question with everyone involved and they keep ignoring me.

She doesn't work, therefore she doesn't pay rent. She doesn't buy a drop of milk, a bag of tea or a slice of bread, yet she happily eats all the food i buy with my meager earnings. I'm fucking sick of her. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Right, I need to calm down. It's 9am. I may need a shot of tequila to go with my coffee....
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I have the coolest pets. Ever.

2 Border Collies and 3 cats. And I love them all.

But I thought I'd geek out about my one cat just a little before I go all fangirl about certain band member announcements...

Monkey see...Monkey chew )
Right, onto the fangirling:

Girls? Iero is having girls? That is super awesome!

Ok, done.

TV round up (or, what I've been watching when I should be studying)
I'll miss good TV when these all end... )


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