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So, where's the most swinging place to spend a Friday night?

Definitely not the ER at Linmed Hospital. Although the recent revamp looks wicked.

I see the first nurse. She takes my vitals, askes what's wrong with me and gets me to wait.

I'm then called into the ER and given a bed to sit on and another nurse takes my vitals again and asks what's wrong with me. Then a doctor comes to see me. I explaine about the pain that is my head and how I'm pretty healthy, don't drink (much), rarely indulge in cheese parties (people have those?) and am genrally healthy - aside from the drinking, smoking and hermitlike behaviour.

So he gives me 30mg of Maxalt (Rizatriptan) to take home and use with anothe rmigraine attack. If after 6 hours it doesn't work, then go in for a CT and MRI. He then hooks me up with 2 different painkillers and an anti nausea med.

An hour later, I'm so stoned, my mom has to come pick me up from the hospital.

The next morning I'm feeling a little better, so my dad, being my dad, orders me to go get my car washed - cos it's dirty as all hell, of course - and I can get my prescription at the same time from the mall across the road.

So I go.

Worst Idea Ever.

The sun is shining high, trying to trick us into thinking its summer, the car wash is loud, noisy and just plain painful!

I took some codiene, just to temper the oncoming headache.

I then haul ass home as fast as possible and crawled into bed, cursing my dad and his far too energetic attitude.

For the rest of the day, I get through 20mg of the Maxalt. one more dose and off to the ER I go.

Luckily it didn't happen - I slept right through the day and into the evening. Everyone left for my sister's party, I took two Somnils and only woke up on Sunday morning feeling much better.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop...


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