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 For those of you out there that read this often, you'll know i'm a music festival girl. 

I hate camping, but love having beer for breakfast, tequila for lunch and jager for dinner. This is only possible once a year at the Oppi Koppi music festival.

Each year, the festival has a title. this year, it's from the Black Keys album - Unknown Brother. why, y'all ask? because the vibe of the entire festival has you making friends and finding your unknown brothers and sisters. unlike a lot of festivals I've attended, Oppi remains the one place where the bad attitudes and bullshit is left in the city and everyone is united in their love of great local talent and letting their freak flags fly. This is the only vacation I take every year.

This year is a line up I'm super excited about. Top local talent such as Lark, Fuzigish, Zebra & Giraffe, Van Coke Kartel, Die Antwoord and dozens more. Then we have the international acts: *clears throat*
SUM 41 and........ THE USED!!!!!!!!!

That is right! Bert and the boys are heading to the deep bushveld and this little fangirl is gonna be front and center!!! 4 weeks and counting!!!!! 

See here and here for info on the festival. I will be tweeting and posting during the fest. my twitter is: insaneinsomniac

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Dear organisers of My Coke Zero Fest,

You're All FIRED.

1. The name of your fest sucks ass. Sure, its sponsored by Coke Zero, but to use it in the name? Fuckheads!
You're Fired!

2. Your line up of acts suck ass. Collectively. Do you know anything about music?
You're Fired!

3. One Stage? How fucking selfish can you be? Golden Circle? at ZAR800 per person ($100 )? WTF?
You're Fired

4. Your advertising campaign sucks ass. Why are you using old songs by the artists?
You're Fired!

Next year, I'll organise the ALL NEW SUPER AWESOME FESTIVAL OF INTERNATIONAL BANDS and I know it will ROCK!
Think of it, if you will, as the South African version of Projekt Revolution.

Catch a fucking wake up!


Now get the fuck out of my music industry.

Thank you,



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