Stress Cold

Mar. 1st, 2014 11:43 am
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Yep, my work and stress level has given me a legit cold.

So I'm chilling on my couch with my kittens, watching TV and drinking echinacea tea with whiskey.

Maybe I should work on the dramione fic? That could be interesting under the current state.

Everyone still alive out there? Anyone else feeling that real life has really become a pain in our creative lives?

Also, trip to EU and UK booked and paid for.

So, anyone heading to fringe feat or LDN in August, let me know!

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So, holy crap, I've been offline for way longer than I expected. Our house adsl keeps giving us shit, along with my boss so I applied for a job in Cape Town. Will know next week if I'm packing my bags.

Cross fingers and send prayers, I need it!


Jan. 14th, 2014 10:47 pm
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I officially hate my new job. After all the sunshine of Moz, being stuck behind a desk all day is killing me.

My sister asked me to not become a miserable bitch again, so I'll try, but it doesn't help when I'm stuck with one of those martyr type supervisors who does nothing but complain about the job, half asses her way through my training and treats me like a school leaver.


I also have until Saturday to finish two huge fics.

I'm in an official emotional tumble dryer.

In other news, I'll be hitting up Europe in August, including the Fringe festival. Anyone keen to meet up? Let me know.

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So after three days of traveling from Tete to Hartenbos on the South African south east coast, on the beautiful Garden Route, we have arrived.

And by we, I mean my dad, his wife, her 17 yr old son and myself.

It's been great except for the fact that I haven't slept more than 6 hours since Wednesday, I haven't had a cig since last night and well, there are arseholes on motorbikes fucking up my silence in the resort. Oh yes, and there's the PMS. Luckily I'm armed with wine and vodka.

Now the thing about my dad and his wife is that they are super healthy health nuts. like vegan hippies without the cool music or weed.

both of which i could do with right now.

They don't eat bread, or mayo or anything that is fattening or deadly - you know, good food! So i'm drinking to compensate. it's helping, but dammit - i need a smoke.

In related news, my dad and I headed to the shops to buy some bread and wine (hehehehe) and he said: "look at the nice young men here."
He was talking about a couple of 19yr old boys walking past the car.
I had to remind that I'm 29. 29 and going on holiday with my dad because all the people my age are on holiday with their partners and friends. I realise that I will spend this week craving nicotine and alone. Until the 22nd, when I fly to Durban to join my mom and smoke in public and drink without shame. I will still be alone, but at least I won't be jonesing like a twenty dollar crack hoar.

How is everyone else's xmas vacation going? I'll be on the beach tomorrow working on my RC fic and tan.

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I'm writing to you lovely people fro9m the Dubai international airport...again. this time i decided to forego a hotel room and type from a visiting lounge. apparently its cheaper *cough bullshit cough*

Anyway, my visit to LDN was pretty good. I ended up with a Hogwarts wand, a chocolate frog and a few pounds of clothes and a bank account lighter than the Zimbabwe republic.

I have decided to write my exams in SA and use the travel money to go somewhere cooler instead, like Phuket or Dubai or something. However, anyone interested in heading out to deepest darkest Africa will find a room at my place free of charge.

now to kip on the couch once i've finished my haagen das.


May. 10th, 2013 11:40 am
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OMG! Whats up with the shitty weather in LDN? Last time i was in the city in May, it was a heatwave!

Anyway, my week is over, i fly back to SA tomorrow.

Its been quite an eventful week, full of intrigue, drama and bus trips. Next years trip will be a lonely mission of studying and writing exams.

i did, however, become the proud owner of a Hogwarts wand!

See you all when I get back to Mozambique.

The Tempest

May. 7th, 2013 04:32 pm
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I have an extra ticket to tonight's showing at The Globe! Anyone want to join me??

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Hello Flisters,

As I type this, I am currently sitting in the Heineken Lounge/bar at Dubai Airport about to catch my flight to London.

Economy class sucks major balls. the seats are narrow, uncomfortable and the food is not that great. Also, the airhostesses make you feel guilty when you request that 3rd double Baileys on the rocks.

So, seeing as how i will be making this pilgrimage once a year for the foreseeable future, i've decided Business Class is the only way to go. Which also means i'll be paying off my credit card until i die. But i maintain it's worth every cent.

I didn't see much of Dubai as i landed after midnight and only got to the hotel around 2am. i'm looking at where i can hide in the airport (this place is a small country on its own) for my connecting flight back home. the choices are limited.

the thing is, i've lived on the breadline for a very very long time. I'm now earning a somewhat decent salary and it may sound materialistic and callous, but dammit, i want the Gossip Girl lifestyle! i want to breeze through the airport, sleep properly on a flight and enjoy my travels! i'll totally rough it in my destination cities, but the flight is one part you can't skimp on.

also - where would you find good, rich guys but in business class.

yeah, i'm totally shallow that way.

speaking of shallow: i went ahead and had that affair with the married man. and you know what? i don't feel bad. it was a weekend of ego boosts for us both. he was able to process his inner drama and set up a plan of action, and i had multiple orgasms. a win/win all round.

i'm going to see Colin Morgan on Tuesday at the Globe Theatre. If he is absent after that, he is *not* tied to my bed....ahem.

Right ladies, I hope you all have a fab week. Again, if any of you lovely people are in LDN or even nearby this weekend, please let me know. I'd love to meet up and put a face to the name. I'll even buy the first round!


(about to endure another 7hour economy class hell)

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Why oh why did I choose to go study 10 years after leaving school?

Why do my exams have to be so close to the worst month of my life?

And why the hell can't my lecturers choose easier books to study, especially when I'm working full time and can't find the time to actually read every page Chaucer, Dickens, Wordsworth or those Greek philosophers wrote. I'd much rather do modern fiction like Jim Bulcher and Janet Evanovich.
It hurts my brain. And I feel like a twat. So much so, that I've bought the Idiots Guide to Literary Theory. I had to. The five textbooks I'm using either put me to sleep or I feel like an idiot.

And the kicker is, I already postponed my exams last year as I didn't get my textbooks until a month before I was supposed to write due to posting issues. I don't want to delay them again, but I think I need more time.

More time to study. More time to get my head in the game. And more time to work on the fics I have due.

Maybe just more time to breathe...

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So I'm currently sitting at the airport, waiting to board my flight back to Mozambique.

I dreamt about him last night. He was alive.

I woke up crying.

Everyone has been asking me what my plans are. I tell them- wake up each day and breathe. That's all I can do, because if I have to dwell on what went wrong, who didn't do their jobs properly etc, I'd probably go mad.

I just want to say thank you to every single flister for the amazing comments on my previous posts. I'm sorry I didn't respond to them. I've barely had the energy to get out of bed. Just know that I read them over and over. They made me feel less alone.

I miss him so much.

I don't think I'll be posting about him in future. Just my usual work/study crisis, life in Tete and my fics.

Once again, thank you for all the support over the past few weeks. I'm a lucky girl to have friends like you.

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Hello all my wonderful flisters,

I know I haven't been active on my journal this past week. I've been having one of the worst weeks of my life.

In my last post, I spoke about my bf getting med evac'd from Zambia with cerebral malaria.

He is still in a coma, but his heart is beating. He is still on the ventilator. The neurologist wants to declare him brain dead, but we're exploring any other options to see if we can get some help.

I know he's in there, just waiting to wake up.

The doctors and nurses have now said that the amount of malaria he had in his system was too small (1%) to cause the damage it did, so now they're testing him for all other tropical diseases/viruses.

I have raged and fought with the powers that be. I'm tired now. They must make up their minds.

All I know, is that I love him.

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Feb. 4th, 2013 09:30 am
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Oh bloody hell! I'm reading my timeline and thinking one thing - WHICH OF THESE FESTS DID I SIGN UP FOR AND FORGOT ABOUT?

I mean, I sign up with every intention to write but then work and life happens and then BAM! No fic. I swear the mods must see my name, roll their eyes and sigh. Fiver she submits. You're on.

In better news - today I fly back to Johannesburg for a ten day break. Two days of that will be spent doing presentations for my clients. 1 day will be spent at a spa with my mom. And the rest will be spent shopping and having many, many lunches with all my friends.
I'm drained. Exhausted. I need this break.

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The Big M

Oct. 31st, 2012 06:32 pm
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So, I have been off the radar as I have had... Malaria.

Yep, when you live in the 3rd world, you're bound to pick up a third world disease.

Luckily, the best malaria clinic in the world is in Maputo, but man, what a crazy week!
Last week Wednesday, I went to have drinks with a friend from high school. I wasn't feeling great and attributed this to the crappy Jozi weather.
So Friday I fly back to Tete, my boss takes one look at my shivering, overheated ass and sends me to the doctor.
Malaria PF+++
So I'm on the next flight to Maputo where I spend my first ever nights in a hospital. The meds kept me stoned, but they killed the parasite.
I flew back to Tete last night, and have been bed bound since. I'm bored. I've got a constant headache and being sick sucks ass.

I've also been keeping tabs on Storm Sandy. Hope everyone is safe!

PS: American Horror Story is mental!!!

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Sep. 26th, 2012 11:12 am
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So I'm finally in Mozambique and have settled into my house/ office.

The town I live in straddles the Zambeze river and sits halfway between Malawi and Zambia. It's hot and sunny and brilliant.

I have not got my work set up yet so am chilling in my room catching up on all the LJ action I missed over the past few days. I'm also learning Portuguese at an alarming rate.

Tomorrow I'm spending the entire day in training at the mine, getting my physical and drivers permit. I get to drive a double cab 4x4 Bakkie ( truck) which is pretty awesome.

At least the wifi is faster than at home, so I can spend time online.

I'll post pics soon.

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